Slow Luxury

Slow luxury stands for a new approach and a new standard for luxury design - a way of living. A standard and an approach that embodies a holistic mind-set and sustainable values.

At Albrecht&Vera we constantly strive to be responsible and sustainable in every part of our value chain.


We want to give you a new standard for jewellery design - a standard that revolves around doing it better for you, the people we work with and our environment.


For Albrecht&Vera it is about doing it better together and taking it slow in the process getting there. Taking it slow because we want to create good things the right way. Making jewellery is a slow process. Choosing the right way of doing it and the right people to do it with takes time.

All jewellery is made by hand. Our prototypes are made from recycled silver cutlery. We work with local collaborators i.e. Copenhagen based foundry  and fairtrade jewellery wholesaler.

All our precious metals are genuine and natural. When possible, we use reclaimed silver and biogold, which is old gold that is refined and recycled for the production of new gold. The process takes place in the EU and therefore complies with all EU regulations concerning environment, working conditions, child labor, etc. 

The stones we use are natural and not artificially produced or colour treated and we only use certified conflict free diamonds.

Which of the above conditions apply will always be mentioned in the description under each product in the webshop.

We are not perfect but we strive to do our best.

We hope to spread a little gold along your way, while staying true and committed to the sustainable way of doing things.

Stay gold.