The Company

Albrecht&Vera Jewellery is designed and handcrafted in a forest studio outside Copenhagen.

Albrecht means the precious and Vera means the truth. The jewellery is made with admiration for nature’s beauty  and respect for the environment and  people involved in the process.

Sigrun Kira

The Jeweler

The passion to create jewellery and the desire to make a difference started the idea about Albrecht&Vera.

It all began a long time ago. I spent most of my childhood in my grandfather’s workshop. He was an old fashioned blacksmith and he passed on the basic skills and love for the craftsmanship.

During my education I among others trained at London based artist Husam el Odeh. While starting up Albrecht&Vera I assisted goldsmith Orit Elhanati.

Every piece of jewellery must bring joy for the ones wearing them - just as they bring joy for me to create.

Jewellery is my lifelong passion. To create something beautiful that may have a value for others is the driving force.
— Sigrun Uggerby