The Jeweller

It all began a long time ago. I spent most of my childhood in my grandfather’s workshop. He was an old fashioned blacksmith and he passed on the basic skills and love for the craftsmanship.

During my education I among others trained at London based artist Husam el Odeh. While starting up my own business I assisted goldsmith Orit Elhanati.

Sigrund Kira Uggerby.jpeg

The Jewellery

Every piece of  jewellery is designed and handcrafted in our studio outside Copenhagen.

The jewellery is made with admiration for nature’s beauty  and respect for the environment and  people involved in the process. We constantly strive to be responsible and sustainable in every part of our value chain. 

All jewellery is made by hand. Our precious metals are genuine and natural. When possible, we use reclaimed silver and biogold, which is old gold that is refined and recycled for the production of new gold. We work with local collaborators i.e. Copenhagen based foundry  and fairtrade jewellery wholesaler. And we only use certified conflict free diamonds.

We are not perfect but we strive to do our best.

We hope to spread a little gold along your way, while staying true and committed to the sustainable way of doing things.

Stay gold.

- Sigrun